Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to the fascinating world of luxury accessible to everyone with NDCOIN tokens!
  • ND MARKET is a platform for the momentary purchase of immovable property, cars, furniture, and other goods and services directly from owners and manufacturers around the world. ND MARKET is a revolutionary system of acquiring of new goods and services at the lowest prices, at prices of sales and marketing actions.

  • ND MARKET is a cross functional platform, where the goods are offered with huge discounts. It helps Users to carry out transactions between each other, while momentary payment of the deposit (caution money) of the selected item of goods is carried out in ND COIN tokens of the Company. There is also an accumulation of NDCOIN tokens, which is available every time Users of the platform view the cost of the goods, and the Buyers will receive it after the transaction is completed.

  • At the present moment, there are no services in the world for the sale of goods and services with a similar business model. On the ND MARKET platform, you can not only buy expensive goods at the biggest discounts, but also return money much more, than the cost of these goods.

  • Before registering, we recommend you to read the main regulations of the platform:

    • End User License Agreement.
    • Exclusion of Liability.
    • Agreement for the refundable alienation of rights to cryptocurrency.
    • Website Usage Policy.
    • Privacy policy.
    • Cookie files policy.
  • Within the framework of the platform, a Preliminary Agreement for the purchase of the selected product shall be signed, and the amount is momentary transferred in the form of a deposit (caution money), which allows you to reserve the selected object and transaction conditions for yourself. The amount of the deposit (caution money) is included in the price of the purchased goods. Payment of the deposit (caution money) is made only by NDCOIN tokens. Any person, who owns tokens has the opportunity to pay by tokens a part or all of the cost of immovable property, car, furniture or other goods and services.

  • We directly connect the Sellers with the Buyers, providing access to the free market through the ND MARKET platform, reducing costs for intermediaries and advertising, and maximizing the attractive cost for the consumers. At the same time, the Sellers place information only about objects, goods and services that need to be urgently sold at sale prices and marketing actions.

  • The Buyers have the opportunity to purchase goods at the lowest cost, at prices of sales and marketing actions. And also the Buyers have the opportunity to get funds from viewing the “Current Cost” of the goods.

  • No, we only cooperate with legal entities that are owners or manufacturers of goods and services. This is related to the security of transactions.

  • We work only with new goods, without exploitation.

  • The program for viewing of the current cost of the goods is available to every User of the platform.
    The cost is reduced due to Users viewing of the “current cost of any goods”.
    As a result, purchasing of such goods can be much more profitable, than purchasing of goods, which the Sellers initially set up.
    For viewing the cost of the offered goods, the amount in NDCOIN tokens is withdrawn from the each User. Funds are summed up and accumulated until the purchase of the goods by one of the Buyers. The accumulated amount in tokens is returned to the Buyer of this item of goods after the transaction. In this case, the accumulated amount may cover the cost of purchasing of the selected item of goods or service.

  • No, you can’t. Tokens, which were accumulated for viewing, will be returned to the Buyer only after a successful transaction.

  • By registering as a User of the ND MARKET program, you need to purchase NDCOIN tokens on the obligatory basis. When the Sellers offer any object or item of goods, you can momentary sign the Preliminary Agreement of Sale and Purchase by pressing the “agree” key, and immediately pay for the selected object with tokens, while retaining all the terms of the  Agreement and cost.

  • ND HOLDING LTD holding company has been operating since 2009.

  • The company is registered in Cyprus.

  • Minimum purchase of NDCOIN in the amount of 50 Euros; to participate in the ND MARKET marketing program, you shall purchase NDCOIN in the amount of 500 Euros.

  • From the user's point of view, there are several main possibilities for using tokens:

    • buying of immovable property, cars, furniture, other goods and services;
    • payment when using ND HOLDING LTD programs;
    • Users with tokens can sell or transfer tokens to the other Users;
    • after the Company has entered the exchange, holders can buy and sell their NDCOIN tokens;
    • exchange and withdraw not only tokens, but also fiat money on your accounts.

  • You shall register on our platform. When paying on the website, there is a detailed description of the purchase process.

  • Euro and USD fiat money and various cryptocurrencies are accepted: BTC, ETH, as well as many other cryptocurrencies listed on the website.

  • Tokens earned in the marketing program can be immediately converted into fiat money and transferred to your accounts. You can withdraw it according to the terms of the ND MARKET marketing program.

  • A coupon is a set of numbers generated by the ND MARKET system. If you need to cash out and withdraw your tokens, you enter the amount you want to withdraw and click the “Generate coupon” key. You get a set of numbers that you give to the person, who would like to buy NDCOIN tokens. He/she activates your coupon and the amount of tokens for which you issued a coupon is credited to his/her back office. You take the amount in fiat money. At the same time, do not forget to officially register the sale-and-purchase of the tokens.

  • ND MARKET users can make trading operations (pay a deposit (caution money)) with the funds that they placed on user’s wallets in the Company or with funds placed on remote cryptocurrency wallets. In other words, ND MARKET provides an opportunity for Users to buy/sell offered goods with maximum discounts, paying a deposit (caution money) for the goods with NDCOIN tokens. The ND MARKET platform does not buy anything and does not sell anything by itself; all operations are carried out exclusively by the Users. Also, the cost is reduced due to users viewing of the “current cost of any goods”. As a result, purchasing of the goods can be much more profitable, than purchasing of the goods, which the Sellers initially set up.

  • To get started, it is required to create an account. Then you shall buy ND COIN using one of the available methods listed on the website.
    After replenishing of the account, the User will be able to buy the goods using simple or advanced trading opportunities. The ND MARKET platform offers the most advantageous offers for the User and displays all transactions on the main page and in the back-office of the Users.

  • No, it is impossible. The ND MARKET platform is able to withstand any load on the website.

  • NDCOIN tokens are tokens developed and used exclusively on the Ethereum ERC-20 platform. ERC-20 defines a general list of rules for Ethereum tokens to follow in the larger Ethereum ecosystem, allowing developers to accurately predict interactions between tokens. These rules include methods for transferring tokens between addresses and a method of accessing data in each token.

  • ERC (Ethereum Request for Comments) is the official report for making suggestions for improving the Ethereum network; 20 is a unique identification number of the offer.

  • The difference between ERC-20 tokens and other well-known cryptocurrencies is that they are tied to the Ethereum network, use the address format adopted within this network and are sent using Ethereum transactions.

  • A coin is a cryptocurrency (digital currency) that uses its own platform and functions completely independently. For the work of coins, additional platforms are not required. Coins operate on its independent blockchain, for which coins are native currency. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are coins.

    A token is a cryptocurrency created over of an existing blockchain or report. Typically, tokens represent some kind of asset or function (utility). Most of the tokens available today are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Token functions are much wider than just using the report as a native currency. Tokens can be used to represent the share of ownership of a company or immobile property, give a vote and have many other useful uses, in addition to speculative trading and exchange means.

  • The amount of the deposit depends on the value of the goods offered by the Seller, it shall be at least 6%.

  • The deposit upon refusal of the purchase is not returned. In case of violation of the terms of the Agreement by the Seller, the amount is returned in double size. In this case, the deposit is returned to the Buyer.

  • Yes, you can, the website has a dialog box that allows you to contact the Seller, and ask questions about the item of goods.

  • After paying the deposit, the Seller invoices you to pay for the goods. Payment shall be made in any way convenient for you, and should be agreed with the Seller.

  • The Seller indicates all the details in the delivery section. It shall be agreed with the Seller.

  • According to the laws of the Seller’s country.

  • Terms for the return of the purchased goods or services are described in the Agreement, and also in the Preliminary Agreement (you shall read carefully the terms of the Agreements).

  • For this information, please, see the section: ND MARKET referral leadership program.